Dancing on Ice

07 Feb

Like many similar programmes, Dancing on Ice is seriously flawed in the way it is judged. Unfortunately, this flaw means that competitors who should remain in the show are eliminated early, whilst some who definitely are not up to standard remain. I call this the ‘John Sergeant’ syndrome, and it seems to attack every so called talent contest that is currently being broadcast. It happened recently on Strictly Come Dancing with the delightful Anne Widdecombe, and it is happening again in Dancing on Ice.

Why does this happen?

Inevitably, when you have a set of celebrities competing on fairly level footing, and then leave the judgement to the public, many will vote for their favourite celebrity, no matter how calamitous the dancing or skating. This is now becoming so prevalent that it is reducing these programmes to a farcical attempt by TV companies to increase their income by charging deluded members of the public via premium phone calls to vote for their favoured celebrities. Surely, by now, the producers of these ridiculous shows must see how transparent their money-grabbing shows have become?

The time has come to either remove the public completely from the voting process (the only way to prevent John Sergeant Syndrome) or remove the programmes completely from the schedule. Given that the whole object is to make money out of a gullible public, and that is all the producers care about, I rather suspect that we will continue to be subjected to a torrent of the ridiculous programming until sufficient numbers of viewers come to their senses, see the shows for what crass nonsense they are, and vote with their feet and the ‘OFF’ button.


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