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End of the Transfer Window

Well, as I write this, the English football transfer window has just closed. For me, as a Liverpool FC fan (YNWA), it has been a pretty exciting day. Babel and Torres out (£56M), and Suarez and Carroll in (£57M), so not a bad days work. We even managed to offload Konchevsky for the rest of the season, so am really quite pleased. Am just left wondering why no-one came in for me – I am out of contract and available! Maybe next time .

On a slightly more serious note, though, it does give you cause for wonder. On the one hand, we have football players changing clubs for fees of £50 million, and clubs spending the best part of £100 million (Chelsea FC); we have football players earning £250,000 per week (Rooney etc). All of this in a country where hospitals are being closed because the government can’t afford them, hospitals rely on charity to buy even basic equipment because they have no money. We have an increasing unemployment problem, people being turned out of their homes through debt, benefits being reduced for those who genuinely need them, and cannot fight back, cruelty to children, bus routes shutting down that OAPs depend on, and all of this because no-one has the money! The national debt now stands at a level where every family in the country would have to donate £50,000 to clear the debt! There surely must be something wrong with our society?


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