Votes for Prisoners ?

The whole question of convicted prisoners and their entitlement to vote has been floating in and out of the public eye recently, prompted by a decision in the European Court of Human Rights which stated that all prisoners have a basic right to vote. Quite apart from the effect this has had on our glorious leaders (politicians), who have been running around resembling decapitated chickens ever since, it also set me to thinking as well.  I am sure we all remember the case some years back when a farmer in Norfolk was charged with a very serious firearms offence after using a shotgun to defend his life and property from some armed burglars who had, in fact, attacked his home several times previously!  We all know of the occasional case where a burglar, injured by accident in the act of burglary has then had the cheek to sue the householder/businessman concerned for accident damages!  What makes all this worse is that the ‘goodie’ in all of these cases has been the one who has been subsequently in a whole load of grief and trouble.  It seems to me that something has gone seriously wrong somewhere in our legal system.  Something akin to a cart being placed before the horse.  How can it be that a burglar breaking into my house can subsequently sue me if he falls down the stairs and twists his little finger?  Have we all gone barking mad?

Of course, we have previous administrations to thank for selling us down the river to our european friends – I use that word advisedly.  Not everybody knows this, but we have actually agreed that any ruling or decision by a European court will take precedence over decisions in out own courts of justice.  So if a french judge sitting in a court reaches a decision in Brussels that no-one in the EU can wash their car on a Sunday, guess what?  You will no longer be able to wash your car on a Sunday.  (This is already the case in Germany so watch this space – you heard it here first).  Whatever sovereignty we had managed to claw onto was finally given away by Mr Blair a few years ago now, and we are thus reduced, in legal terms, from an independent country to merely a state in the great republic of Europe.  There are a good many men and women buried in war graves from the first and second world wars that must surely by spinning in their graves by now.  What did they give their lives for?  What they won for us through their unselfish sacrifice, our politicians have given away over the past 20 years.  We have been successfully invaded by stealth!

So where does all this leave us now?  We have a judicial system that will work provided that no-one tells the european courts what has been decided.  We have politicians who apparently cannot even cough without cowering in fear of what may follow from Brussels.  We have Police Forces that have been so undermined by ‘do-gooder’ politicians, and pink, fluffy judges, that they no longer feel motivated towards even trying to enforce our laws and knowing that, even if they do, it will likely be thrown back in their face on appeal to Europe.  And now Europe have decided that these convicted law-breakers should have the power to help elect the next parliament/district council/city council etc.  So now they can burglarise our houses, stub their toes on the dining room table and sue us (successfully), be convicted in our courts and, whilst they are waiting for the European Court to overturn their conviction, they can vote in the next government on the promise of en suite bathrooms in prison!

Don’t you think it is high time this was all stopped?  I am not going to go into the rights and wrongs of leaving the EU; suffice to look at the plight of our poor convicted criminals.  It is about time that people took into account the fact that these prisoners, at some time, made a conscious decision to step outside the law and commit offences.  They didn’t burgle our houses by accident, or break our bones in vicious assaults without realising what they were doing!  They deliberately too a decision to place themselves outside the laws of this country in order to commit their illegal acts, which in every case injures a law-abiding citizen in one way or another.  Surely it is time to say to them that, as they freely and deliberately chose to step outside the law in pursuit of the nefarious deeds, so they should forfeit any protection or privilege that would normally come to law-abiding citizens.  When they step outside the law, they should automatically have all the protection and privileges of the law withdrawn from them immediately.  No more suing of householders protecting their families and homes, AND NO MORE VOTING FOR THE IDIOTS WHO LED US INTO THIS UNHOLY MESS !


Dancing on Ice

Like many similar programmes, Dancing on Ice is seriously flawed in the way it is judged. Unfortunately, this flaw means that competitors who should remain in the show are eliminated early, whilst some who definitely are not up to standard remain. I call this the ‘John Sergeant’ syndrome, and it seems to attack every so called talent contest that is currently being broadcast. It happened recently on Strictly Come Dancing with the delightful Anne Widdecombe, and it is happening again in Dancing on Ice.

Why does this happen?

Inevitably, when you have a set of celebrities competing on fairly level footing, and then leave the judgement to the public, many will vote for their favourite celebrity, no matter how calamitous the dancing or skating. This is now becoming so prevalent that it is reducing these programmes to a farcical attempt by TV companies to increase their income by charging deluded members of the public via premium phone calls to vote for their favoured celebrities. Surely, by now, the producers of these ridiculous shows must see how transparent their money-grabbing shows have become?

The time has come to either remove the public completely from the voting process (the only way to prevent John Sergeant Syndrome) or remove the programmes completely from the schedule. Given that the whole object is to make money out of a gullible public, and that is all the producers care about, I rather suspect that we will continue to be subjected to a torrent of the ridiculous programming until sufficient numbers of viewers come to their senses, see the shows for what crass nonsense they are, and vote with their feet and the ‘OFF’ button.


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End of the Transfer Window

Well, as I write this, the English football transfer window has just closed. For me, as a Liverpool FC fan (YNWA), it has been a pretty exciting day. Babel and Torres out (£56M), and Suarez and Carroll in (£57M), so not a bad days work. We even managed to offload Konchevsky for the rest of the season, so am really quite pleased. Am just left wondering why no-one came in for me – I am out of contract and available! Maybe next time .

On a slightly more serious note, though, it does give you cause for wonder. On the one hand, we have football players changing clubs for fees of £50 million, and clubs spending the best part of £100 million (Chelsea FC); we have football players earning £250,000 per week (Rooney etc). All of this in a country where hospitals are being closed because the government can’t afford them, hospitals rely on charity to buy even basic equipment because they have no money. We have an increasing unemployment problem, people being turned out of their homes through debt, benefits being reduced for those who genuinely need them, and cannot fight back, cruelty to children, bus routes shutting down that OAPs depend on, and all of this because no-one has the money! The national debt now stands at a level where every family in the country would have to donate £50,000 to clear the debt! There surely must be something wrong with our society?


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Change of look

I like the look of this theme better than the other, so thought I would adopt it forthwith. Going through a WordPress tutorial at the moment, so expect more changes as I progress 🙂

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Following on from my last post, things are now coming together a bit.  I have discovered that I am, in fact, allowed more than one blog on my WordPress account, so I have just started my photography blog.  Started may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it does now exist:

Anyway, it now exists, and there is even one photograph there.  Although it appears small in the blog, it seems as if you can see it full size by clicking on it.  Magic!

I am still learning how to do all this on the web site, so hopefully things will improve as I move along with time.  Please have a look and subscribe – you may (eventually) see a picture that you like  🙂

This blog will now become purely my rant blog, social comment blog etc.  I’m getting organised.

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Slow Progress

Still wondering what form my blog will take. I would like to showcase some of my photography through the blog, but also comment of topical issues, and report on happenings which affect me. Maybe I will have to have a photoblog as well as this one, if I can do that? Gives me something to think about for now. Watch this space!


Mobile WordPress

Just testing to see if I can blog from my mobile.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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